Sophisticated reporting system used by all the application developed with TBS. Reporting Studio has an intuitive and user-friendly graphical interface; it is able to call native Mago4 and other application functions. The data flow and the layout are under full control and you can define the parameters used for extraction conditions, filtering and sorting, insert images in any format, add links to Mago4 documents and other applications developed with TaskBuilder Studio. Furthermore, you export data to Excel, Word, HTML, text and send reports via email as an attachment in PDF format. Reporting Studio also supports Google Maps and Skype links.


Localization features are the basis of the platform design: International Studio is the localization tool par excellence for all applications implemented with TBS. You can translate the applications created by the platform in all languages, thanks to a specific translation support tool, with the possibility of using glossaries, repeating translations already applied elsewhere, having a preview of templates to check the visual appearance, and so on. Translated items are stored in "dictionaries", dynamically loaded when using the program. The application can therefore be viewed in different languages by different users of the same organization.


This tool allows you to build specific web portals related to the documentation of products implemented with TBS. Thanks to Help Studio you can create a Wiki-site skeleton which can be downloaded on the developer's (or user's) server, complete with automatic update mechanisms. Contents administration takes place as in a normal Wiki management.


Thanks to the Setup Studio component, you obtain an package which can be used for distribution, like any Windows product. In practice, you create installation packages for solutions developed by TBS Personal Edition, that can be downloaded via the Internet and are read at Run-Time and dynamically installed on the application.


With Easy Studio you customize Mago4 and all applications built with TaskBuilder Studio: it is a tool to create your customizations in a simple and fast way, making them as upgrade-safe as possible and immediately portable, without writing a single line of code. The areas of use are endless: from simple functional changes to the creation of veritable applications: with its graphic designer Easy Studio simplifies the work to the beginners, but offers also the most experienced and demanding developers the tools to accomplish vertical solutions for specific market sectors.


Helps the programmer to interactively define new applications based on TaskBuilder Studio in a guided manner. You can define and control all aspects of an application developed by TBS, navigating the logical correlation amongst the components and automatically preparing all the necessary environment for its execution. Featuring a simple and intuitive interface, Wizard Studio is easy to learn and use: that's why Wizard Studio brings real time savings and makes you immediately productive.

TaskBuilder Library

This is the Classes and components, described in C++, collection which any document definition is based on. The library allows advanced developers to create powerful business applications using Microsoft Visual Studio. Most of the classes are available through specific wrappers, also for C# and Framework .NET


TBS Personal Edition

TBS Developer Edition

Reporting Studio

International Studio

Help Studio

Setup Studio

Easy Studio

Wizard Studio

TaskBuilder Library

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